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There is only one way to really get through it, make progress, ascend the crooked ladder.
The ocean is always below any state of mind, swirling below, crashing below.
To continuously not drown. You, wandered, are the exception.
Everything is elegant about you, nothing is torn or stained.
You walk through glaciers humming and holding a high-priestess cup.
Yesterday untold gains and today untold hardships,
so balance goes and numbers dip and dive bop gridlines and beneath your feet.
Know that there are patterns and processes unseen through millennia,
when into the leaves and the bark of trees, jungle numbers hold still their pattern.
Strikers in air strikers in clouds holding still to their pattern, beneath whispers of loose form.
Gentle it is not, questioned it is not,
The fierce encoded reality.

Overturned is where you are.
On your belly and with shallow breaths.
Away from the water away from the air and sick to your toes any current plague.
A time tested grab gravity.
Islands somewhere untouched still, with patterns, with structure, still untouched.
Retreading can do you some good, and then no good and then the ultimate good.
What is reddened, blackened, and thrown into the kiln?
What is it in the alchemists oven? Always something in process.
Everything in process according to its own nature, then, according to nature.
Everything in process to sticking, time-tested patterns.
The gridline beneath is yellow, with black surrounding it, and high-fire motion.
Venerable silhouette against high-fired clay wall, smoky passage to Him.

Approaching someone who knows you’re approaching, and you know it as well.
Where the eye meets the object, where the student meets the teacher.
Bolster and bound. He will give you life eventually,
for now, approach.
His turning body means all turning bodies.
His soft gaze means all of the soft gazes together in the field of awareness.


Always at home,
When traveling
Down the path
Of perfect resistance.

At home,
Held in the mirror-gaze
Of another.

At home
In forgiveness,
For what has arrived.
At home
In compassion
For what has not yet arrived.

I am in the body
Through the farthest gate,
Drowned by rushing water,
Caught in trembling branches,
Eaten by the shadow.

I am in the body
Offering to all
Worn in deeply,
A perfect lesson
Of safety.

Always at home.


Take all of this reckless reasoning,
Maneuvers of mind,
Endless explorations
Into cruel, could-be land,
Wild, would-be land,
And hurl it into the high intelligence
Of the Heart.


You have done well today.
And even though it seems,
There was a mind running,
With a gapless sermon
Of doubt,
I’ll tell you more.
You have done well today.
Between your fears,
There was infinite space.
Between your anger,
One million lifetimes of peace.
Between your desire,
A calm and boundless ocean.
Between your confusion,
There was the law of
Eternal certainty,
Unmovable and abiding


In the beginning there was the word.
In all of the successive worlds,
We have been asked to repeat it.
At times we would forget and
Everything would fall apart.
We started again, carefully,
Making sure to let
This one duty
Be the most important one.
In the morning, before our work
We would sing.
We became powerful and acquired great wealth.
Everywhere was prosperity.
We lived in luxury.
After a while,
Because we were so busy enjoying ourselves,
We forgot to sing.
Then there were little sufferings,
That served us,
As pointers of realignment
To the word.
When we are enjoying,
It becomes hard to remember
That creation begins with praise and
Matter itself is subject to resonance.
We are asked only this:
To replicate the first word
So that we may continue to enjoy a second.