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Tedmounts and redbluff. TED begins to to speak to us in treaded patterns. Each talk taxworthy. Talk with a fixed cadence.  Correct hands, correct hairlines, expressions. Backdoor pauses will build you up a royal yearning. Does anyone feel that we’ve heard this before? Someone in the back nods, we’ve heard these tired rhythms before and have gotten used to them. But there is a hairline crack in it, with stomach tenderness more peering over and through. That is you, protecting yourself. Light comes through here. Follow this and turn off your TED talks. This is the soft truth under what you hear. The untalked unteded truth under floating heresies. Diagrams, slides of a presupposed something or other. Get him off stage. We’ve heard it before and through. Taxworthy. Mulltedded, nearly belligerent now in the back. The raising of arms against. Send some words up to Ted, the talker. He’ll make something out of it, lengthen their broadsides: Darling summers pressed green sinthrows, over and behind. Between romance and fury my sills hold. He’ll do anything with that. Send him more someone yells fevercaught. All your questions will be answered! Tax worthy. Ease of the parlor. Could never be older than this: Gather round, gather round. Tedvice, torregation uniflush tedfronts. Tedtalks. You Love them! Gather round, gather round in samespeech.



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