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The rocks are in season this summer.
The rocks in Thailand this summer are horny, writing letters to every San Francisco shutdown suckoff.
Mount me, climb me.
How you will you tell it?  Your Thailand sex rock summer.
You’ll tell it under faux awnings.
Over drinks over drinks.
This pool, that pool.  A full moon, easy sentence pairing.
Not straining.
You agree to everything.  To be in agreement with everything is predestined.
It is already happening for you.
Your trip, the plans for your trip, your after trip.
The day to day, bathroom visits, gawking and ritualizing.  Head stuff.
Later, over drinks over drinks over drinks.
It’ll become larger than life.  Thailand, the entire journey.
Thailand the thrill seeking life, the sex pool rock experience.
Thailand San Francisco Thailand.  Bali?  Bali too.
Have you been?  You gotta go.  Go to Thailand.
It is already happening for you.  Your trip plans.
The drinks in Thailand, and the people too, the food?
Yes, the food too.  It is all there for you.
Later, with confidence and security, you’ll tell it.
You can tell it confidently in night reservoir, night trough, under night light.
You’ve got the security of the acceptable exotic.
This rock, that rock, thrown, jumped, filled, positioned, mounted.
A thousand midnight pools, two hundred million moons for you.
Sand circles, gleeful residents, carts of everything. God-listened country.
Magic moments, condensed.  Ritualized.
Day to day condensed.  Told later as larger.
How long is the flight?  You’ll take it.  How is the airport?  You’ll enjoy it.
It is already happening for you.  Your passion ticket.

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