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Auntie Pod

I have learned to love deep mystery.  I have learned to love the unknown. Wild thoughts, gestures, sounds and life spring from the unknown where nothing is rigid. Rigidity is for death. Life bends and moves like a pond reed. Why then, do we reject the unknown, bending, all possible course of life? Everyone everywhere is fighting against creativity. Heavy calendared speaking soldiers.
What does he do? Oh thats cool. Did you go to Brad’s wedding? Was it fun? Thats weird. Yeah I know he’s a little weird. That’s weird. How was the food? Oh I like avocados. I like things. I don’t like other things. Things are weird. Oh yeah?
Forty years ago our fathers saw the rigidity of man. They saw their own uptight father wearing the masculine mask. They saw him afraid of his body, afraid of his sexuality, afraid of his creative powers and afraid of his fears.
Rigid wasn’t cool man. Rigid never grooves man. Rigid is not where possibility happens. Rigid is not where creativity happens.
So here we are. Taking in all this sameness. This plastic-pool-party. This pod-pad-pile that our parents did so much work to avoid. Here we are, taking it all in.
Apple has done a brilliant job of making you believe that you are buying a unique, individual, creative device. Their early advertising campaigns showed the iconic logo next to freethinkers like Picasso.  Picasso! Picasso played like a child and lived in the unknown. Picasso searched and explored and failed and succeeded and danced in the dark always. Apple does not live in this world. They hire cheap, inhumane labor to produce massive bulk products. You’ve got a Mac. I’ve got a Mac. She’s got a Mac. He’s got a Mac. Mac-sack-thumbtack-fuck-stack. Think different?
Pod used to be a bad word. A pod-person was a non-thinker, a yes-man, a no-woman, a lame-duck-empty-suit boardroom-bore. Totally rigid man. Totally square.  Impotent, plastic, inorganic.
I know you.  You’re no pod-person.  You like to groove in your own style.
Kill your iPod.
Think different like the brilliant slogan says.  No, really!  Think different.

Ditch the status quo in devices, speech, clothing, manner, philosophy and music. It’s not working for you. Replace the status quo with the unknown. Replace the pod with the pond – the deep water of the unknown that all true creativity springs from.

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