work by Alex Deleuse.

Zhaozho looked at the swirling dust in front of him and said: There goes another one.

Alex Deleuse

  • 11.1.15

    There is only one way to really get through it, make progress, ascend the crooked ladder. The ocean is always below any state of mind, swirling below, crashing below. To continuously not drown. You, wandered, are the exception. Everything is elegant about you, nothing is torn or stained. You walk through glaciers humming and holding… Continue reading

  • 11.18.14

    Always at home, When traveling Down the path Of perfect resistance. At home, Held in the mirror-gaze Of another. At home In forgiveness, For what has arrived. At home In compassion For what has not yet arrived. I am in the body Through the farthest gate, Drowned by rushing water, Caught in trembling branches, Eaten… Continue reading

  • 10.28.14

    Take all of this reckless reasoning, Maneuvers of mind, Endless explorations Into cruel, could-be land, Wild, would-be land, And hurl it into the high intelligence Of the Heart. Continue reading

  • 10.19.14

    You have done well today. And even though it seems, There was a mind running, With a gapless sermon Of doubt, I’ll tell you more. You have done well today. Between your fears, There was infinite space. Between your anger, One million lifetimes of peace. Between your desire, A calm and boundless ocean. Between your confusion,… Continue reading

  • 10.17.14

    In the beginning there was the word. In all of the successive worlds, We have been asked to repeat it. At times we would forget and Everything would fall apart. We started again, carefully, Making sure to let This one duty Be the most important one. In the morning, before our work We would sing. We became powerful and acquired… Continue reading