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What is it about this big stone grey van that attracts all the enthusiasts?
I’ve never seen one like that before!
Inside it, two road ready honchos spiraling around scenery, stoned.
The dashboard is a mini puja.
The interior is a temple that continually integrates the outside forms
Through a bug gut windshield.

There are the structures that propelled themselves out of the earth a million years ago.
If these are the tops, imagine the roots.
Consciousness motivated forms: Red Mesa, Shiprock. Unnamed
And all crystalline underneath, then composed running and painted over
Striations of green and yellow and a million browns, arranged in competing angles and
Everything appears to be on a grid, honoring some high math that rests just above equation.

The first impression is that this isn’t humble terrain, but thats not it.
This land develops like all blessed things: quietly, quietly, adhering.

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