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Always at home, When traveling Down the path Of perfect resistance. At home, Held in the mirror-gaze Of another. At home In forgiveness, For what has arrived. At home In compassion For what has not yet arrived. I am in the body Through the farthest gate, Drowned by rushing water, Caught in trembling branches, Eaten […]


To the woman In the posture formed up like perfect old letters Turning towards a new language. With your limbs reaching out in a creative statement, And your stomach drawing in, out of ordinary rhythms: Look and see my forceful gesturing, My panicked, sidewalk escapades And shadow playing self. My sharp pointing sides, The one thousand edges […]


Someone from a great distance Answers a request for healing. As light moves In a sacred passage Through a crystal, High medicinal symmetry Guides the wayward center. Ungrounded circuits lean towards each other and Travel with the obligation of mending.


Between the reaching shale of Two high rock altars, Markings have appeared. Back in town, Those of us who are here Are busy studying the pictures. And at some final hour Patterns emerge In the ash. We sit around a table Transcribing. I carry a bowl into the room. I slump in a chair and […]


How do we rehearse for the unknown? Let’s go! And find ourselves falling into faith. Let go Into what is always in support Of our best work. Guidance arrives in minor adjustment and Grand exhibitions of strength, Sending us the secret message That action is in service to a Courageous prayer. This is a living faith, One that affirms our highest selves With the language of alignment. […]